A Miracle in the Making

Joy & CadyCady Morgan Kendall.  She was my daughter’s freshman roommate at college.  Joy and Cady were more than roomies.  They were kindred spirits … passionate about life … filled with the joy of youth … sisters to the core.  Their room became the central location for prayer meetings, wardrobe exchanges, chick flick parties and encouraging conversations. Cady & Joy silly

Cady became a floor chaplain at the university while my daughter went through the RA program.  Cady became a head chaplain for her final two years and Joy was a head RA.  They were leaders of the very best kind.  They led by example.  They are both irresistible, actually.

Cady & JoyCady, a pastoral care major, was my summer intern the summer before her senior year in college.  She was the sunshine of all of our days.  She discipled the young women under her watch … kept my kitchen clean … dreamed big dreams for the ministry … and taught us all the power of laughter.  I remember that Cady was so thirsty for the Word of God … she would gulp in every piece of wisdom, vision and encouragement that I spoke into her life.

Cady began to fall in love that summer with a young man who was in Africa on missions.  I’ll never forget the night that my upstairs exploded in glass-shattering screams.  When I ran up the stairs to make sure that everyone was o.k., my youngest daughter, Joni, informed me that Jordan Lewis had just returned from his missions trip and he had texted Cady!  The friendship began and blossomed into romance.

There was just one roadblock.  Jordan was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer before they went back to school for their senior year.  He endured surgeries and dangerous chemotherapy.  The doctor’s said that he might be blind or brain-damaged.  He was neither … he was strong and healed and triumphant!

Cady & Jordan homecomingJordan returned to college for his final semester of college.  Jordan and Cady were named Homecoming King and Queen and continued to serve God and people with an enthusiasm that touched everyone’s heart.

Jordan was in the process of buying a gorgeous engagement ring this spring when his medical check-up showed that the cancer had returned.  Jordan’s 23-year old lungs were invaded by cancerous tumors.

Without even pausing, Cady looked into Jordan’s face and said, “Let’s get married!”

Cady & Jordan engagement

And so … only 3 weeks after the second diagnosis … Cady Morgan Kendall became Cady Morgan Lewis at a wedding that was so lovely …  so enchanting … so miraculous that it was the stuff of which fairy tales are made!

Cady wedding lanterns

Cady & Joy weddingJoy was her maid of honor and spent the two weeks prior to the wedding planning with Cady … praying for Jordan … and making sure that Cady’s wedding sparkled with delight and personality … just like Cady does!

Surrounded by family from around the world … friends from college … and a team of prayer warriors that makes hell shake … Jordan and Cady promised to love each other and care for each other “ … in sickness and in health.”

Jordan promised Cady before the crowd of witnesses, both earthly and heavenly, that he would live a long, long, long time!

Cady & Jordan vows

We all had the sense that we were watching a miracle in the making.  We all knew that this was no ordinary wedding but that God was truly present on the Oklahoma soil.  I wondered if we should all take off our shoes … it seemed as if we were on holy ground for that singular moment in time.

I was reminded that week-end, that the first miracle that Jesus ever performed was at a wedding in Cana of Galilee.  I asked God, with tears running down my cheeks, to perform another miracle at this wedding in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

Cady & Dad

Cady & Jordan praying

Cady & Jordan wedding 2Cady & Jordan 1

I asked God to heal this dynamic, world-changing young man.

I asked God to put life into Jordan’s body and to take out the ugly, evil cancer.

I asked God to give Cady more joy than is possible for one human to contain.

I asked God to use this young couple to be a brilliant voice in the darkness of our world that God really does hear our prayers and that He really does love us.

I asked God to give them children and grandchildren.

I asked God to let them get false teeth, social security payments and rocking chairs together.

Would you join me in praying for Cady and Jordan Lewis?  They are spending this week in Cancun, Mexico without a care in the world.

They are spending next week at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Clinic in Houston, Texas, in order to get a treatment plan.

Would you pray for a miracle?  Would you pray that God’s love would drip lavishly into their lives?  Would you pray for life?

What miracle do you need today?  You see … one of the miracles of it all … is that Cady and Jordan want to pray for you!  At their wedding, they had a prayer request box that they asked their guests to fill with personal prayer requests.

Cady and Jordan believe what the Word of God says: “ … pray for one another so that you may be healed.  The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.” – James 5:16

Cady and Jordan Lewis

June 29, 2013

Cady & Jordan wedding


16 thoughts on “A Miracle in the Making

  1. Carol, I ready this with tears in my eyes and joy in my heart. I am agreeing with you in prayer for the miraculous healing of Jordan, in Jesus’ name!

  2. Carol, I read this with a mixture of so many feelings — I was awed, inspired, humbled, filled wih joy…and so many more feelings yet to surface through the tears. This is one amazing couple, and I will join with you and their families to believe and pray for a miracle. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures!

  3. “A team of prayer warriors that make hell shake….” Indeed.
    We claim blessing and favor, we claim the Kingdom and promise we cannot see with our eyes, we claim truth, strength, healing, and life … for these two precious ones, and for that mighty team of warriors…

  4. Carol, you capture it perfectly, beyond any words that have yet been spoken over them at the wedding weekend. How we love you and thank you for all you’ve invested in their lives. I’m weeping and rejoicing over your every word. What a gifted writer you are and more than that, a true and faithful friend! Love you dearly!!

  5. Clicking over from a friend’s Facebook page. Thank you for sharing the sweet and powerful testimony that this young couple has. I will pray for Jordan, his new bride, and for his momma too! My son Brady (age 6) is a 4 year cancer survivor and I know the heartbreak of praying that the God who made the lame walk and the blind to see might have it divinely written that my boy be spared. May they find continued grace for each day as they rest in the knowledge that He conquers all!

  6. when I saw pics of the wedding on fb I said WOW this is a special couple – having no idea of the “story” – Prayers their way and your way as you support them. Love your heart and that you share it so wonderfully with words. Be Blessed

  7. Not only prayers coming for the special couple but for the people that will care for him at M.D. Anderson. A most wonderful cancer center. Faith will get them through this. Congratulations to a beautiful couple! Judy in Las Vegas

  8. Praying for God’s healing right now. Don’t know either of you personally, but our Savior makes a siblings in Christ. He began a good work in all of us, and regardless of the earthly outcome…He is faithful to complete it! Much love and prayers…

  9. We are righteous if we accept the sacrifice given to us by Our Father God ,His Son, Jesus. So yes I will pray that Jordon and Cady have very long and blessed life together. All for His Glory, Thank You, Jesus!

  10. Prayed this morning for Jordan and Cady…..could not hold back tears…and God simply put on my heart one simple phrase..”I am still in the miracle business”.
    Yes, very thankful today for Jordan and Cady…and your post of “their” story.
    And a gentle reminder from God….I will be praying…I will be standing in agreement for their miracle….because yes, God hasn’t retired.

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