blog pic favorite thingsDay 31 – Read Your Bible!

Of all of the choices that you will make in 2013, there is none so powerful as the choice to read your Bible!
Reading your Bible every day will cleanse you and direct you.  It will enable you and empower you!  Reading your Bible on a daily basis will strengthen you and give you heaven’s joy for earth’s journey.
A daily discipline of being in the Word of God every day will:
Deliver you from depression!
Help you to focus on the eternal!
Improve your prayer life!
Give you the resolve to forgive!
Remind you to worship!
This one choice of spending time in the Word of God every day will turn you into the very best version of yourself!
Reading your Bible is better than:

Losing weight!  Going to Hawaii!  Buying a new home!  Finding a husband!  Having a baby!  Winning the lottery!

Reading your Bible will quickly evolve from a “have-to” … to a “want-to” … to a “must-do”!
So … after you get up every morning of 2013 and pray this prayer, “Lord, I will seek You first and foremost today!  I will never give up my pursuit of all that You are and all that You have for me …”
Your next choice will be to open your Bible! Declare it with me now, “I resolve to read my Bible every day of 2013!”

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