blog pic favorite thingsDay 21 – Watch Great Movies!

Please … please … please don’t waste every Friday night of 2013 watching a movie that is not fit for human consumption!  Set some personal standards for yourself and then live by them!
If a movie is rife with profanity and sexual scenes … that is called pornography.  Call it what it is and stay away from it!
If a movie is filled with gratuitous violence and profanity … do not lower yourself to absorbing such a film.
Perhaps this scripture from the book of Psalms should be our standard when it comes to choosing films:
“I will set no worthless thing before my eyes; I hate the work of those who fall away; it shall not fasten its grip on me.” – Psalm 101:3
Here are 12 of my very favorite movies of all time!  I have tried to include a variety of historical films, old films, new films, a beloved musical and even an animated classic!
January – Quo Vadis
February – The Sound of Music
March – Mrs. Miniver
April – The Best Years of our Lives
May – Chariots of Fire
June – Father of the Bride
July – Beauty and the Beast
August -Anne of Green Gables – Kevin Sullivan edition
September – Driving Miss Daisy
October – Cheers for Miss Bishop
November – Since You Went Away
December – White Christmas
Now … pop yourself some popcorn … invite a friend or two over … and enjoy!

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