Doors that Only God Can Open….Or Close

I often pray a prayer that starts like this, “God, open a door that only YOU can open!” How I love the God Who opens doors … doors of opportunity … doors of relationship … doors of ministry … doors of destiny.

But, I must tell you, I have been pondering lately my extreme gratitude that God has loved me enough to close doors as well. As I look back at my life from a vantage point of over 5 decades … I am just as grateful for the doors that God has strategically kept closed as for the ones that He has deliberately opened.

I am grateful for the many times (shamefully too many!) that God closed a door on a relationship during my dating years. How grateful I am that God chose Craig for me and didn’t allow me to choose based on teen-age hormones or young adult selfishness.

I am grateful that God gently held doors of destiny closed tightly for me until the right season in life. I am grateful that during my years of mothering that the doors to publishing contracts remained closed so that I could focus on the 5 most important things in my life. Little hearts … fingerprints on every window … bedtime stories … PBJ sandwiches and little arms around my neck.

I am grateful that I don’t always get to live where I want to live but where God needs me to live.

I am grateful that God’s ways truly are higher than my ways … and He knows what doors to miraculously open … and what doors to patiently keep closed.

I do believe that there are times that I must persevere in prayer for the best doors to be opened for me and for those that I love. Some doors remained unopened simply because I don’t stay on my knees long enough … or often enough. There are some doors that have remained regretfully closed just because of my lack of persistence in prayer.

And for those closed doors, I repent and pray again. I ask God to give me the resolve of Daniel … of Joseph … and of Hannah.

I have learned that it is only in the prayer closet of my heart that I discover which doors were never meant to be opened … and which doors I must prayer harder and longer about.

It is in the prayer closet of my heart that I experience the power of God Who always opens the best doors for me.

It is in the prayer closet of my heart that I relinquish the door knob of all of my future doors … and safely place my hand in His.


One thought on “Doors that Only God Can Open….Or Close

  1. God closed a door to a house on us this week. We had waited months and were SO excited for it. The only ting bringing me peace is knowing that God has a plan and will work all for good. Thank you for this great reminder!

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